Children and Chiropractic

What Every Parent Should Know

“Chiropractic for my child? Why? Her back doesn’t bother her.”

Many parents appreciate the importance of regular check ups for their children’s teeth, hearing and vision but draw a blank when it comes to a spinal check up. A spinal check up could be one of the most important check ups your children will ever have!

Children Chiropractic

A child’s spine is no different than ours; the spine protects billions of nerve fibers that send messages and energy to every part of their bodies. However, a child’s spine is much more fragile than an adult spine. The bones, muscles and ligaments are not fully developed, making the spine very unstable and more easily damaged or misaligned.

Now consider how a child may develop a spine and nerve system problem. Think of a child learning to walk. They take thousands of falls. OSHA estimates that by the time a child is 11 they have experienced at least 7000 spinal traumas. If an adult took anywhere near this number of falls, they would be hospitalized and perhaps crippled. Prominent researchers such as Dr. T Videman of the Institute of Occupational Health, Dr. Abraham Towbin of Harvard and Chung Ha Su of Colorado University have found that spine and nerve system damage due to spinal subluxation is reason for concern and create irreversible degeneration within a few weeks if not corrected.

Have your children checked today. The sooner subluxations are detected and corrected the sooner your children can begin taking advantage of their full potential. If is safe, painless and best of all- THERE ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS!


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